Well you’ve gone and done it. You made me start a blog.

Published by Naked Ryan - 29th Mar 2014

It’s a blog about truth

If you read this blog, you’re going to gain an incredible insight into the wine world. I’m going to talk straight here. I’m going to spill the beans (and sometimes even the wine when I start typing furiously enough). I’ll endeavor to deliver the whole truth and nothin’ but the truth.

And the first truth is … I didn’t even want to start a blog.

A lot of the time, “wine companies” make a website like this and it quickly devolves into a regurgitation of their flash sale for the day, their 2-for-1 discounts, and the promos that they’re running on the mediocre wines they can’t get rid of fast enough. This will not be that kind of blog.

But we need a blog… you know why? Because you’re amazing!

Out of nowhere, 50,000 angels have risen up in the USA and taken the wine world by storm. Those Angels have raised $80 million and invested in 135 winemakers all around the world. There is a humongous list of boutique wines made by legendary winemakers and it’s all thanks to Angel funding. The wine wouldn’t exist otherwise.

Long gone are the days when we had just 9 winemakers, and emailing you once a month, we could fully update the Angels on all the cool things their money is doing.
Nowadays, we fund ONE HUNDRED THIRTY FIVE winemakers … just in March we released 15 wines. Three of those were from brand new winemakers who are releasing their first ever Angel funded vintage!
group photo of rowan gormley and angel funded winemakers

look at all those winemakers!

To do justice to all your good deeds (or all the Angels’ good deeds) we need more space. And this is it.

And another thing… we’re going to expose some things.

Another funny side effect of growing up is that we’re getting to know more and more about the wine world.

As time passes, we notice more and more things that don’t make sense. Winemakers getting ripped off. Wine drinkers getting ripped off. Wine experts talking down to the customers who help them make a living.

I don’t want this to be to soapbox-y… but I’m gonna speak up when I see things that don’t make sense.

Who the heck am I?

I’m an Angel-funded winemaker. My name is Ryan O’Connell and I started making wine in 2005 at my parents’ vineyard in the south of France. We made really good wine for a few years and then realized it was really hard to sell it. We made a name for ourselves as winemakers and wine bloggers, but no matter how much the press loved us.. sales crawled. Until we met a Naked Angel in the UK. They spoke up for us and introduced us to the wine guy at Naked. The rest is history.

My parents now make a fair living doing a job they love: making wine. I moved out to California a couple years ago to help launch NakedWines.com in the USA. I still make wine for Angels and I also help other winemakers tell their stories.

I know I said I didn’t want to start a company blog. And I mean that. But it’s the only place I can do your story justice now. It’s the one place where I can go deep into details that don’t fit on the homepage. I hope you enjoy it and I hope we can be friends.

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