Celebrate Women’s History Month with the world’s best winemakers

From a 6th generation Cremant producer to a modern winemaker in New York, meet the incredible women supported by Naked Wines

Stand up for what you believe in and don’t be afraid speak up. It’s important to listen and learn from others, but others can also listen and learn from you!

– Alexandra Farber

There are many different paths to achieving a successful career in winemaking. We need more women on the innovation front.

– Ondine Chattan

Don’t let people’s prejudice determine your future.

– Carmen Stevens

These are the women of Naked Wines
– empowered by 300,000 Angels.

My biggest hope is that more women get to play pivotal roles, specifically in leadership, and achieve that dream without having to subdue femininity and assertiveness.

– Ana Diogo Draper

Even though there were some obstacles to getting where I am today because I worked in a male-dominated field for so long, I no longer see myself as not belonging.

– Penelope Gadd-Coster

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