The winemakers restoring nature’s balance

What does it mean to be biodynamic, biodiverse, organically farmed, and sustainable? For these producers – the world.

From installing beehives, raising weed-eating chickens, and building ponds in Priorat, to adding native plants that attract pollinating insects in Minervois, developing intricate composting systems, adapting to warm-weather droughts, and dry-farming the most precious hills of Tuscany, Naked’s winemakers are turning a new leaf in the world of eco-friendly winemaking.

In turn, they’re setting the bar high for generations of independent winemakers to come.

“It’s not a case of trying to farm like the middle ages,” winemaker Stefano di Blasi says, “but four hundred years ago we had much more balance in our agriculture, and modern farming practices have simply taken that balance away.”

Through careful, meticulous, and loving vineyard practices that restore health to their earth, meet the farmers and producers who make the world’s great wines – and the world a better place.

Meet 5 of Naked’s Earth-first winemakers

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Winemaker Franck Massard sits in his 100% organically farmed vineyard in Priorat, Spain – made possible with the support and care of Angels.
Paso Robles winegrower Randy Phillips head trains his vines to increase airflow around his fruit – and naturally prevent disease.

World Environment Day 2021 calls for urgent action to revive our damaged ecosystems. #GenerationRestoration

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