The road to Napa is never the same twice.

Known for 400+ wineries, mom-and-pop delis and million-dollar vineyards, Napa’s Highway 29 is the road to America’s most famous wines. But every winemaker takes a different exit.
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Right now, the October air is sweet, and Valley roads are covered in bouncing truckloads of grapes, ready to go from vine to tank. The breeze is spiced – tinged with the smell of new wine – and cellar teams are high-fiving everywhere at harvest parties deemed Michelin-worthy.

Man, we love Napa crush.

It seemed like the perfect fall moment to settle in for a good set of stories – so we asked Naked’s winemakers to recount their own memories about the wine capital of America. These are a few of the Napa moments that shaped them into the independent icons they are today.

“Napa has a tremendous level of talent and hustle.”

– Jim Duane

“Cabernet is King in both Bordeaux and Napa – but it can’t be tamed the same way in each place.”

– Camille Benitah

“Of all the regions I’ve made wines in over the years, Napa Valley is where I feel most at home.”

-Matt Parish

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