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Why quitting daily deal sites is the best Tour decision we ever made

Why we quit daily deal sites for good

Every year, we have a series of wine tastings called the Naked Angel Tour. And starting this year, we’re no longer offering tour tickets on daily deal deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial. You can only get the tickets through our website at the prices listed.

Our best customers deserve the best deal

Happy Angels on tour wearing Montaria Tattoos
Angels get the best price, not daily deal sites

In the past, we’d end up in weird situations where strangers were getting the same deal as Angels (on odd occasions, an even better deal!)

That’s because we were selling the leftover tickets through flash sale and discount sites at the last minute.

And that’s just wrong. If anybody should be getting a discount, it’s our Angel customers who make the Tour possible. They make this whole business possible through their support of our winemakers.

So this year, we lowered the price for Angels and promised ourselves to quit the discount sites for good.

Ditching daily deal sites was great for our customers

What do you know? The tastings are selling out faster than ever.

By passing the savings onto Angels, we filled every venue to the brim and some cities are selling out a full month before the actual Angel Tour!

Angel Tour, like all of our business, should be about Angels. And when you treat Angels right, the decision pays for itself.

The Angel Tour is getting even better

Now that we know the venue is full of Angels, we can focus on making it even more unique.

The whole tasting is now a celebration between the 2 people who make these amazing wines happen… winemakers and Angels.

So now we’re bringing in:

  • even more wines (and more expensive wines!)
  • more winemakers (and more international winemakers!)
  • barrel samples and sneak peeks of wines that aren’t available to the public
  • interactive booths and tables where you can vote on crazy new ideas we’re trying
  • and there’s loads of surprises that I’m not allowed to spoil before the big tour… but trust me, Angels will be blown away by the level of interactivity and detail that went into these tastings

These are much more than “wine tastings” – we are going to blow people away.

Quitting daily deal sites turned everything on its head

With this new way of looking at our Angel Tour economics, we can actually get bigger and better Tour stops. And we can sell them out more easily to our Angels.

And who knows… maybe we can take this show to other states…

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