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The Angel Tour allows thousands of wine drinkers to meet the winemakers they support

Every year, we organize a series of wine tastings that are completely different from any other wine event I’ve ever seen – it’s called the Angel tour, and it’s about connecting our Angels with the winemakers they support.

video courtesy of FOX 40 Sacramento

What the Angel Tour is all about

Our Angels support our winemakers in incredible ways all year, and the tour is a chance for thousands of those Angels to meet their winemakers and share a glass of wine.

For the winemakers, it’s an opportunity to say thank you and to shake the hands of some of the people who have changed your life.

For wine drinkers, it’s a chance to see just how real the impact of your Angel investments is. Dozens of winemakers are in business thanks to you. Hundreds of wines exist because of your support!

Get drinking!

Angels and winemakers are the stars on the Angel Tour

So much of the established wine world exists to get in between winemakers and wine drinkers. You’ve got critics, importers, distributors, sales representatives, resellers, and a whole mess of other gatekeepers who make a living by standing between the only two people who really matter: winemakers and wine drinkers.

We’re the opposite of the established wine world. We try to get out of the way whenever possible. We’d rather show you what wine drinkers think than what we think (and have collected millions of customer ratings). We’d rather let our Angels decide which winemakers get more funding than act as a go-between.

And when we throw a party, we want to put everything in place for you to have a good time with your winemakers. And then we want to fade into the background.


40 winemakers, over 100 wines, and hundreds of Angels

What are you waiting for?!


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