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Innovation in Customer Service – We won the gold!

If you’ve ever interacted with our Customer Happiness Team (CHT), you know that they are amazing human beings who are completely devoted to making our customers love us. And the country’s top customer service award just recognized CHT for outstanding innovation in customer service – with a shiny golden trophy!

I want to thank everybody on the Happiness Team for their incredible devotion and passion. While our winemakers rack up gold medals for their wines, our CHT is winning accolades for our amazing customer service!

gold stevie winner for innovation in customer service
We won the gold!

Perfect 5-Star Feedback from over 90% of customers

Most companies strive for “positive” feedback which is often quantified as 4 or 5 stars (or the equivalent benchmark like an 8 out of 10 net promoter score).

Our happiness team doesn’t settle for anything less than perfection. We have hit 90% 5-star feedback for 8 consecutive months now (March is sitting at 92%!) This is an incredible achievement. I actively watch other e-commerce companies and we are neck and neck with people who are world-famous for customer service (I’m looking at you, Zappos!)

Amazing Customer Service Stories

We’re constantly inundated with amazing feedback from our customers. Whether they’re brand new or they’ve been Angels for years, people who interact with the customer happiness team seems to walk away dazzled.

Time and time again, I have been on the verge of tears hearing about what this team does to make people happy.

And when Customer Happiness excels, they inspire the whole company to follow their excellent example from sales teams trained not to sell to self-deprecating feedback requests written by Rowan himself.

And we’re just getting started…

newspaper clipping about customer service delivered by CHT
CHT tugs on the heartstrings with incredible customer service

The most amazing thing about our Customer Happiness Team is that they never settle.

On top of 92% 5 star feedback, they’re attaining 98% customer satisfaction (4 OR 5 star). They’ve recently expanded to Live Chat to get one more convenient way to help customers as quickly as possible. And Project Giraffe is quickly becoming a legend whispered between CEOs and team managers who wish they had a hint of the success our Happiness Team gets every day.

And they’re working on a lot of other projects that make me very proud to work alongside them. By the end of this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if companies like Google and Facebook are asking our Happiness Team how they achieve these incredible results.

This is a huge achievement for a small in-house team like ours (as opposed to a big outsourced call center).

It’s such an honor to add Customer Service Innovation to the long list of accolades my colleagues are receiving from the People’s Choice Award at the ORIAS in Australia to being in the Best 50 places to work in the UK.

In short, I love our Customer Happiness Team

If you ever have anything you need…

If we’ve ever done a mediocre job (or heaven forbid: a BAD job), please email or call 1-800-813-4882 and give the Happiness Team a chance to wow you. They will. It’s our guarantee.

Innovation in Customer Service award
Innovation in Customer Service award
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