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Our newest sparkling winemaker

edit: since publishing, the identity of the winemaker has been revealed and he’s down at the bottom of this post.

We’re very very excited to announce that our Angels made a move in April to hire a sparkling winemaker from the very top of the top… the absolute cream of the crop.

mystery bottle
Can you guess who our newest sparkling winemaker is?

He made what many consider to be the best Californian sparkling wine…

  • Medals, scores, and prestige galore
    • Over thirty 90+ scores in Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast
    • This wine won “Best Overall Wine” and “Best Sparkling Wine” at the Sydney International Wine Competition
  • It is served to anybody who is anybody:
    • Served in Michelin-starred restaurants
    • Served by every Presidential administration since Nixon
    • Served to Queen Elizabeth
    • Served in Hollywood
    • Served in Space (literally! to astronauts and cosmonauts!)
  • The winemaker caused a big stir in April when he announced his departure to pursue “independent projects”
  • And it’s our great pleasure to soon reveal that our Angels are the ones funding that project. We are the ominous independent project all the rumors were about!

Can anybody guess which all star sparkling winemaker we’re working with?

edit: since publishing this post, it has been announced that Keith Hock, the winemaker from Schramsberg is now working with Angel funding on this sparkling project!!!

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