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Winemaker of the Year announcement

Our Chief Winemaker sent Angels an email on February 19th announcing the Winemaker of the Year competition. This is a contest where 4 winemakers will win $1 million in Angel funding. We use customer feedback and interactions on the site to figure out the best wines of 2015 as well as the winemaker of the year.

Here’s Matt’s original email about Winemaker of the Year:

From: Matt Parish
Subject: They can’t do this without your help

Your ratings will decide which of your winemakers get a huge pile of money to make their DREAM wines.

There’s a cool $1 million in prizes
That’s some serious dough! Enough for your favorite winemakers to go and create a boatload of exciting new wines.

They’ll be able to work with their favorite vineyards, buy grapes and barrels and fancy winemaking stuff previously out of their reach and bring the wines they’ve been dreaming of to life.

This is your last chance to help them
The winners are being picked based on YOUR wine ratings and we’ll be tallying up the votes next week for our big announcement in mid-March.

These are the underdogs you believed in back when no one else did, and you have a chance to step up for them again!

So go rate your wines and help us pick the Winemaker of the YEAR!


Matt Parish,
Chief Winemaker

PS – Rating wines means you get more accurate recommendations and the kind of wines YOU love get funded again and again. It helps your winemakers to improve their wines and make them even more delicious so the wines just keep getting better.

If you’re curious about becoming one of our winemakers, check out the naked application.

If you’d like to become an Angel, one of the customers who gets to drink these scrumptious wines and determines who gets funding the next year, check out our Angel page.

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