The Winemakers Behind the World’s Most Famous Wines

Published by Naked Ryan - 19th Nov 2015

You may not know ANY of our wines, and that’s a good thing.

Our customers support independent winemakers and get exclusive access to their very limited, small lot wines. So these will never appear on a grocery store shelf… they’re unique to us.

But you’ve definitely run into our winemakers…

The crazy thing is that these talented little guys are the hard-working winemakers behind some of the world’s most famous wines.

So you can skim the lists below and see if you recognize any of the wine brands our winemakers have been involved with.

The $75+ club:

wine brand winemaker role
Rubicon Estate Scott McLeod former winemaker
Merus Camille Benitah former winemaker
Penfolds Grange Daryl Groom former senior winemaker 1984-1989
Ruinart Jean Philippe Moulin former winemaker (2002-2007)
Mumm Perrier-Jouet Jean Philippe Moulin former director of production (1991-1995)
Tignanello Stefano di Blasi consultant winemaker
Joseph Phelps Ken Deis consultant winemaker
Realm Cellars Randy Hester former associate winemaker
Stags’ Leap Matt Parish oversaw brand as Treasury’s chief winemaker for Americas
G.D. Vajra Gianfranco & Serena Cordero consultant winemaker
Antinori – Solaia Stefano di Blasi consultant winemaker
Flora Springs Ken Deis winemaker
Chateau Teyssier Jonathan Maltus personal project
Cliff Lede Vineyards Jac Cole former winemaker
Domus Aurea Jean Pascal Lacaze winemaker
Grattamacco Maurizio Castelli consultant winemaker
Beringer Matt Parish oversaw brand as Treasury’s chief winemaker for Americas
Heitz Ken Deis consultant winemaker
Etude Matt Parish oversaw brand as Treasury’s chief winemaker for Americas
World’s End Jonathan Maltus personal project
news clipping from wine spectator about daryl groom former penfolds grange winemaker

Wine Spectator clipping about Daryl Groom, former Penfolds Grange winemaker

The Well-Known Names:

Domaine Chandon Wayne Donaldson former winemaker
Francis Ford Coppola Presents Scott McLeod former winemaker
Big House Red Randall Grahm founder, sold brand
Cardinal Zin Randall Grahm founder, sold brand
Cupcake Jessica Tomei winemaker
Estancia Scott Kelley personal project
Robert Mondavi Private Selection Scott Kelley personal project
La Crema Jim Olsen former winemaker
Artesa Ana Diogo winemaker
Charles Krug Winery Jac Cole former winemaker
Covey Run Katy Michaud former winemaker
Lange Twins David Akiyoshi winemaker
Woodbridge David Akiyoshi former winemaker
Treasury Matt Parish Chief Winemaker for the Americas
Bonny Doon Randall Grahm personal project
Jackson Estate Mike Paterson former winemaker
Craggy Range Rod Easthope former winemaker
Geyser Peak Daryl Groom former winemaker
Champagnes Paul Goerg Jean Philippe Moulin winemaker
Ceja Vineyards Dalia Ceja family winery
Chateau St Jean Matt Parish oversaw brand as Treasury’s chief winemaker for Americas
Kendall Jackson Scott Peterson former assistant winemaker

The complete list:

Amani Carmen Stevens winemaker
Badia a Coltibuono Maurizio Castelli consultant winemaker
Barden Stevenot Stephen Millier winemaker
Bastianich Maurizio Castelli consultant winemaker
Bodega Lorca Mauricio Lorca personal project
Bonny Doon Katy Michaud former cellar worker
Boulevard Napoleon Benjamin Darnault personal project
Bravium Derek Rohlffs personal project
Brick + Mortar Matt Iaconis personal project
Campesino Macario Montoya personal project
Canoe Ridge Katy Michaud former assistant winemaker
Cascina Val del Prete Gianfranco & Serena Cordero consultant winemaker
Chateau Maris Benjamin Darnault winemaker
Colby Red Daryl Groom personal project
Coloma Jeff Jarvis & Jessica Tomei personal project
Conterno Fantino Gianfranco & Serena Cordero consultant winemaker
Copain Sarah Wuethrich production assistant
Cordero di Montezemolo Gianfranco & Serena Cordero consultant winemaker
Courtesan Bridget Raymond personal project
David Bruce Winery Katy Michaud former assistant enologist
Easthope Winegrowers Rod Easthope personal project
Eonian Wines Wayne Donaldson personal project
Fortunatus Derek Rohlffs personal project
Francesco Rinaldi Gianfranco & Serena Cordero consultant winemaker
Fratelli Barale Gianfranco & Serena Cordero consultant winemaker
Garcia + Schwaderer Connie & Felipe family winery
Gianfranco Alessandria Gianfranco & Serena Cordero consultant winemaker
Giovanni Manzone Gianfranco & Serena Cordero consultant winemaker
Girard Jacqueline Bahue assistant winemaker
Hagafen Ernie Weir personal project
Ironstone Stephen Millier winemaker
Joly Virgile Joly personal project
Kim Crawford Wine Katy Michaud former cellar hand
La Ragnaie Maurizio Castelli consultant winemaker
Lambert Bridge Sarah Wuethrich former oenologist
Lightning Randy Hester personal project
Mark Anthony Katy Michaud former winemaker
Marschall Groom Cellars Daryl Groom family winery
Mastrojanni Maurizio Castelli consultant winemaker
Matteo Correggia Gianfranco & Serena Cordero consultant winemaker
Mauro Veglio Gianfranco & Serena Cordero consultant winemaker
Milliaire Stephen Millier personal project
Negro Gianfranco & Serena Cordero consultant winemaker
Olson Ogden Timothy Olson personal project
Paul O’Brien Scott Kelley personal project
Pfeiffer Wines Jen Pfeiffer family winery
Pina Macario Montoya cellar master
Plunkett Fowles Sam Plunkett former winemaker
Pommery Lanson Jean Philippe Moulin former technical director (1985-1991)
Popelouchum Randall Grahm personal project
Rainier Wine Katy Michaud winemaker
Rumpus Scott Peterson personal project
Rustenberg Wines Rod Easthope former winemaker
Rutherford Hill Winery Ana Diogo former assistant winemaker
Santolin Wines Adrian & Rebecca Santolin personal project
Schatz JC van Staden winemaker
Scott McLeod Wines Scott McLeod personal project
SP Drummer Scott Peterson personal project
Spring Mountain Vineyard Jac Cole former winemaker
St Francis Winery Sarah Wuethrich former oenologist
Talley Steve Rasmussen former winemaker
Tenuta Montemagno Gianfranco & Serena Cordero consultant winemaker
Vina Pargua Jean Pascal Lacaze winemaker
Wines by Sam Sam Plunkett personal project

It’s like an IMDB for wine!

IMDB is an amazing website for when you’re trying to remember an actor’s name or the character they played in a particular movie. And it’s also a great way to discover movies. After all, if you love one Mel Brooks movie, you’re probably going to love them all!

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could do that with wine? Walk into a store and it tells you that the wine was made by your favorite winemaker. Or if you spend too much money on a wine and think it’s sort of meh, you could avoid all the wines made by that consultant winemaker!

Am I the only one who would find that useful?

Well, I can’t make an app, but here’s a start… a full index the non-Angel funded wines made by Angel-funded winemakers. If you spot one missing, let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

If you’ve never tried our wines and you’re curious, use this list to find a winemaker you may already be a fan of. And you can support that winemaker directly and enjoy a bottle of wine that they made thanks to the support of wine drinkers like you!